No candidate for the Seminary's degree shall have spent less than one full year of academic residence at the Seminary. The Seminary will accept Senior transfer students from other seminaries (1) if they are highly qualified, (2) if they plan to be resident students rather than commuter students, and (3) if there is room without taking space needed for the incoming class. 

Master of Arts Transfer Students

A maximum of 20 hours of credit may be accepted for transfer from another accredited seminary or university. The remaining hours of credit must be earned from General.  The maximum period for completion of the requirements in the case of an M.A. transfer student is three years from the date of the student's acceptance into the program.


Regarding Transfer of Credits to GTS

Prospective students applying to a General Theological Seminary degree program may petition the Academic Affairs Office to accept transfer credits. In order to determine the number of transfer credits accepted, the Academic Affairs Office requires the following:

1. An official transcript(s) confirming grades for any credits that you would like to transfer to GTS; the transcript(s) will be reviewed by the registrar and Academic Dean. (Please note: GTS only accepts transfer credits for credits that have not been used toward another conferred degree.)

2. A syllabus for each course that is being considered for transfer credits. In the case of missing syllabi, a course description from the school catalogue is required.

Upon receipt of all the above items, a written decision regarding the transfer of credit request will be issued from the Academic Affairs Office within four weeks.


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