It may seem expensive to hire movers but people often wish they had. 

moving in

For those of you moving onto the Close, there are only two access points to the Close: the Chapel Gate on 20th Street and Seabury Gate on 21st Street. There are flatbed dollies available for use (ask at the front desk).

Dorm rooms are generally painted off-white w/a beige trim and a black floor. Generally you can paint in your new home, but be sure to check for regulations in the housing policy.

It is hot and very humid in NYC in August. All dorms and apartments are equipped with an air conditioner. 

New York City has Ikea, Target, Home Depot, Best Buy and Kmart all within subway or delivery distance. There is also Bed, Bath and Beyond and the Container Store on Sixth Avenue. So you will be able to do additional furnishing when you arrive if you don't want to bring everything from home right away.

When you move in, it's IMPERATIVE that someone be supervising the gates so that strangers don't come in. People walk by and are curious about the Close all the time and an open gate looks like an invitation--you'd be amazed at the amount of people who just walk in! Unfortunately, all of our safety is put at risk when strangers are on the Close. People who try to enter the gates when you're using them can be redirected to the 21st Street entrance to sign in and tour the grounds. Please don't let them in the gates.

Lastly, we can't guarantee that anyone will be around to help you out with your moving. If you can bring a friend or family member to help out, you'll be a lot better off! If not, email the Admissions Office and maybe they'll be able to help find someone. Facebook is also a great way to coordinate with the fellow members of your incoming class. Plan ahead.



 The bells indicate that a chapel service is about to begin. They will ring 10 minutes before services and just as the service is starting as well. 

Everyone is welcome in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd all the time.  This includes you, whenever  you arrive at GTS.Summers in the Chapel are un-structured so you may use it for prayer and contemplation.

The Very Rev. Kurt H. Dunkle is the Director of the Chapel.  Anyone wishing to plan or hold a special service (outside of the planned services of the year) should contact the Dean's office for approval.







Food service will begin Orientation Week. You can buy groceries at Gristede's  on 9th Avenue and 24th Street, Whole Foods on 7th Avenue and 25th Street, and Trader Joe's on 6th Avenue and 21st Street. Corner stores like HaHa Fresh (22nd & 9th Ave) have many basics and are within a block of campus. Chelsea Market, located on 9th Avenue at 14th Street, has a wonderful collection of specialty food stores, bakeries and a fresh fruit and vegetable market that has a terrific selection of produce at a great price. There is also a Trader Joe not too far from campus. Otherwise you can go to for delivered groceries which makes things a bit easier. There are also restaurant menus at the front desk. If you want to go out, there are at least 20 restaurants within 5 minutes.


At GTS, sudents automatically receive wireless internet access (in campus public areas) and e-mail accounts.  Information on these accounts is made available prior to Orientation week.


If you brought your pet to the Close, know that you'll need to register your dog and get a special tag so that they have identification if they get lost. To find out where, call 311 (NYC info line) when you get here. Please be sure to walk your pets OFF the Close. 




On Campus Housing

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