A deferred gift is a gift that will come to the Seminary in time rather than within a limited period such as three to five years.  The most common type of deferred gift is a bequest in a will. (Everyone should have a will. If you don't, make an appointment today!)  Other deferred gifts include charitable trusts,  and life insurance.  Deferred gifts can be tremendously beneficial both to the Seminary and to the donor. Often donors are able to make far larger contributions than they imagine themselves capable, and those gifts in turn have a far larger impact on the areas of Seminary life they choose to affect. Descriptions of each of these types of gifts may be found by clicking on the underlined links.

All those who make deferred gifts to the Seminary become members of the Jacob Sherred Society.  Jacob Sherred was on the vestry of Trinity Church Wall Street and in 1820 his bequest secured the Seminary's financial stability at a time when its future was in doubt.  All of us who have studied, taught, worked, and worshiped at GTS are beneficiaries of his generosity and leadership.  The Board of Trustees created the Society to honor Sherred's visionary commitment to theological education and to recognize those who join him in that care.  Each year at the service of All Saints when the Seminaries benefactors are remembered, there is a special recognition of members of the Sherred Society. As well, there are occasional meetings of the Society where the Dean, trustees, faculty, students and staff gather to give their thanks.


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