Welcome from the GTS Academic Office

A rich tradition of academic excellence combined with a commitment to living out new life in the Spirit surrounds and informs General Seminary.  We are about intellectual inquiry and rigor; we invite exploration and encourage independent thinking; we are committed to the Gospel of Christ and to fulfilling our vocations as members of the body of Christ.

Our faith is rooted in scripture and informed by a rich and cherished tradition of Christian theology and scholarship, and through reason, we seek to integrate intellectual disciplines with an engagement in the world around us.

Each member of GTS faculty is an expert in his or her field of study.  Our faculty members are also strongly committed both to scholarship and to teaching.  Because many live on the campus with their families, they are able to fully participate in General's community of faith and to be readily available to students. The Christoph Keller, Jr. Library, with its extensive collections of primary and secondary materials and periodicals, is an important resource for students, faculty, and the community at large; 'smart' classrooms and the I.T. staff provide significant resources for research, teaching, and learning.

Classroom learning is enriched by the resources of New York City, including additional library resources, museums, movies, and other cultural institutions, diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious traditions, and the opportunity for a variety of field placements and internships. Through the consortium of theological schools, GTS students may cross register at several prestigious institutions, including Union Seminary.



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The General Seminary of the Protestant Episcopal Church is a tax exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.